Get a Recording of your Performance at Open Mic

Live Multi-Track Recording of our performance at Open Mic is now available and is only $20.

... seriously.

We've just upgraded our digital console that we use at the On The Rocks open mic to allow us to record the individual inputs of each microphone...

That means, we can now offer raw tracks of your performance, split into separate tracks for you to use and mix later.

With the raw tracks you could

  • use as a performance review, with the ability to isolate each track (ie, vocals, drums, guitar)
  • mix the tracks, and create release a live recording

The tracks are recorded "pre-EQ", which means any processing (compressor, equalization, reverb, level adjustments, etc) are invisible to the recorded tracks... giving you full control of what you want to do with the tracks.

We are recording the drums:

  • overhead
  • hi-hat
  • kick
  • snare
  • toms (individual)

We are also recording the crowd in stereo... because you can never have enough cheering in a live recording!

Additionally, we are recoriding the main outputs from the console so you can hear a quick reference of the dry output

For $20... we will record your 3 song open mic performance, and send the digital .WAV files via dropbox for you to download and import into your favorite DAW program like ProTools or Garageband, etc.

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