Photobooth-How it works!

Photobooth- Quick Overview!

Are you interested in renting a photobooth for your big event but are curious about how it all works? Here is everything you need to know!

  • No photographer necessary, everything is fully automated and easy! From set up to tear down, we have everything covered

  • We can fit around 8-10 people in our standard 10x10 photobooth, but booths are fully customizable to any size! alt

  • we have a tech on standby for your event incase anything goes awry, but that never happens.

  • We have a plethora of hilarious props for you and your guests to use that all come included with the rental!

  • Prints are ready in as little as 15 seconds!

  • Take as few or as many pictures as you want! There are no limits! The photobooth rental includes EVERYTHING. The possibilities are endless and the prints are unlimited!


Gather your most beautiful group of friends - enter photbooth- festoon yourself in our included selection of fun props! You can be anything you want! Anything from an egyptian king to a rockstar - PRESS THE GREEN BUTTON! 3...2...1... STRIKE A POSE! - Laugh hystarically while you watch your photos print from our high speed printer! - Aaaand REPEAT!


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