Rent a DJ Sound System for your Wedding and Save Big

So you're planning your wedding, and you're thinking about what it would take to creating your own music playlist and renting some speakers instead of hiring a DJ.

We rent pro-audio speakers for dances, weddings, ceremonies, bands, and anything that requires great sound. If you're looking for something that you can plug in a couple iPods or laptops, and a microphone or two... we have a super easy to use sound system that we rent for $169 + gst.

Our package includes:

  • (2) 1000 watt active speakers with stands
  • (1) 1 small mixer
  • (2) cables to connect to laptop/ipod/smartphone etc
  • (1) wired microphone for speeches, annoucements, etc.

AND... we include setup and teardown in the price.
(more info here on our website)

Want more power? Add a 1500 watt subwoofer for $50.

Our companies mission is to make it easy for our customers to look and sound great! We want your event to be a success, and there is nothing that makes us more happy than hearing feedback from our brides who say "thank you, you made it easy for us to get what we wanted, and you made everything sound and look great."

With that in mind, here are a few things to consid.

Question: Do We Suggest Renting Speakers instead of Hiring a DJ?

There are pros and cons to each.

DJ's are true professionals. A great DJ comes with a vast library of music knowlege, as well as invaluable event knowledge and event experience that can help make sure the party runs smoothly. There are many great DJs in town with years and years of experience, and they're worth every penny.

We provide services to many DJs in town and think the world of them. We DO NOT offer DJ services ourselves... we offer professional rental and tech services, and help other people play the music.

We make renting equipment and providing all of the connections so that you can be the DJ of your own wedding is a popular service that we provide at a huge savings compared to the cost of hiring a DJ.

Our Equipment is Professional... and Easy to Use!

We use new high quality equipment that is easy to use, will work when you need it to, and equipment that is recognized a standard or above. For weddings, we also provide the setup, and teardown to make things even easier for you. If you need additional tech services (ie, someone to make sure everything runs smoothly during the ceremony... we can help there too).

Question: Do you rent projectors, screens, lights, wireless microphones, etc?


We rent high quality projectors, screens, dance floor lighting, stage lighting, room ambience lighting, draping, wireless microphones, and other things that you might be thinking about already!

Our equipment is new, in great shape, and professional grade... which means it is equipment we can all depend on and will perform like it should, for your very special day!

... we also rent photobooths (our other company is

Contact Info

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1. Email Russell with questions at
2. Text Russell with quesitons at 250-261-8002
3. Send us a message on facebook at
4. Call Sandra with booking requests at 250-800-2606
5. Leave a voicemail for Russell with quesitons at 250-261-8002 (please note my phone is most often forwarded to my voicemail) I will call back every message left.

Thank you!

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